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Aerowinx Precision Simulator 1.3 波音747-400模拟器

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Aerowinx的747 400模拟器,个人感觉做的是非常的不错 ,高质量的Pc平台744模拟器,

如果 有喜欢的 朋友 可以去下载。
注意:我只在windows xp下使用过!
请复制 以下链接,不要点击!!!

这个是 这个软件的官方网站,详细情况请参考网站,
下面这些单位使用过 这个程序作为训练及研究使用过(节选自官方网站)
? Virgin Atlantic Airways, Engineering Training, United Kingdom
? University of Sydney, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Australia
? University of Newcastle, Department of Aviation, Australia
? University of Abertay Dundee, Aviation Psychology, United Kingdom
? Technische Universit?t Berlin, Institut für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Germany
? TAFE College, Australia
? SFT Aviation Ltd., ATP School, United Kingdom
? Ruhr-Universit?t Bochum, Aviation Psychology, Germany
? Royal Flight Oman, Engineering, Oman
? Polar Air Cargo, Training, California
? Northwest Airlines, Aircrew Training, Minnesota
? Norfolk State University, Aviation Program, Virginia
? NASA Ames, California
? Lufthansa Training, Bremen & Hamburg, Germany
? KLM Flight Academy, The Netherlands
? Honeywell ATSD, FMC Training, Arizona
? Georgia Institute of Technology, Human-Machine Systems Research, Georgia
? George Mason University, Human Factors Laboratory, Virginia
? European AsXXXiation for Aviation Psychology
? ECOTTRIS (Europ. Col. On Transfer of Training Research for Improved Safety)
? Embry Riddle Aeronautical Universities, Florida & Arizona
? ARINC, California
? Amsterdam University, Aeronaut. Engineering / Aircraft Ops., The Netherlands
and many more...
excellent program ... tomorrow I start my conversion to the 747-400 ... a
s one who is not used to the glass cockpit (ex military then Tristars and DC10s)
it is an excellent introduction...
Jim Duckham, 747-400,  British Airways
very impressed with the program, the only thing that"s slightly different
(and I mean the only thing!) is the EPR settings for various stages of flight ...
I"m sure your PS has a future in 747-400 training...
Peter Collins, 747-400, British Airways
“...If you are starting out on the path of airline interviews and sim tests then consider the PS1...”
...Love the sim, I use it to practice procedures and get used to airports I haven"t seen for
a while prior to every sim check. Thanks for a great product...
Matt Hicks, 747, Qantas
...I just got a job with Qantas flying the 747-200! While PS1 wasn"t yet released to
help me with the entrance tests, flying PS1 over the last 8 months have given me a great
insight into the 747 which I am sure will help in the future...
Steven Jamieson, 747-200, Qantas
...Glass cockpit EFIS knowledge is now part of the Australian Commercial and ATPL
license syllabus. Several aviation instructional organisations are seriously considering
using PS1 for this purpose. If you are starting out on the path of airline interviews and
sim tests then consider the PS1, it will greatly help your preparation and give you invaluable
insight into modern airline avionics...
Captain Sean Trestrail, 767 / 747-400, Qantas
...I am very impressed with your B747-400 simulator. Only wish I had access
to it when I flew the 400. I am now on the B767, with Qantas...
Wayne Somerfield, 747-400 / 767, Qantas
“...Your product gave me that edge I needed, and when it came to my sim ride
I was very confident and did extremely well. It was all thanks to your simulator...”
...just gained employment as a first officer flying 767"s. Your product gave me that
edge I needed, and when it came to my sim ride I was very confident and did extremely well.
It was all thanks to your simulator...
Andrew Christos, 767, Qantas
...from what I hear your program is almost a mandatory homestudy add-on! ...
I started a B747-400 conversion course today and really need the program ...
to cope with all the wizardry involved. ... Everyone in Qantas who hasn"t
flown glass uses or needs this program to make life easier and less stressful!...
Ian Wagner, 747-400, Qantas
BELOW: Malfunctions can be pre-programmed in every imaginable sequence
Each malfunction (whose intensity and exact problem may be “random” generated itself)
can cause another malfunction and so on due to other connected systems. When getting confronted
with complex scenarios the pilot is accordingly under pressure and has to make the right decisions very quickly.
...wonderful simulation package! ... I"ll be at Boeing Seattle for my simulator training as a B747-400 First Officer.
Your PS1 is indeed a big help in my preparation. I appreciate every aspect of it -
both the systems and the flight handling...
Jorge C. Herrera, 747-400, Philippine Airlines
“...PS1 has really made a big difference to my sim checks...”
...I would appreciate ... information on your 747-400 Precision Simulator
v1.0 and any updates to the software...
Arv Chauncey, Aircrew Training, 747-400, Northwest Airlines
...It has been very exciting to watch and see the improvements
coming forth as this simulator program continues toward final production
... absolutely stunned by its completeness...
Captain Mel J. Ott, 747-400 (ret.), Northwest Airlines
...Looks like something we should look into for training purposes ...
I teach 747-400 Systems and am VERY interested in seeing what you have developed...
Gary DeBaun, Northwest Airlines
...and practise the drills until I know them backwards and know exactly what
other systems will be afXXXted and what EICAS messages etc. will appear, ...
PS1 is invaluable there ... PS1 has really made a big difference to my sim checks ...
which is all down to using PS1, something that is fun to do anyway!...
Jon Bunting, 747-400, Virgin Atlantic
“...during the simulator training, at AA training center, in Dallas,
I felt right at home, while other pilots with lots of jet experience, had some problems...”
...PS1 helped me a lot in transitioning from a piston twin to an EFIS-equiped jet.
In fact, during the simulator training, at AA training center, in Dallas, I felt right at home,
while other pilots with lots of jet experience, had some problems in adapting to the highly
automated environment. You"ve done a superb job! ... excellent work!...
Paulo Marcelo Soares, TAM Airlines
...The professional: B747-400 Precision Simulator from Aerowinx is not a game at all ...
All user interfaces are close to the original and are accordingly complex. The simulator
is a serious training platform...
Aerokurier magazine
...The insight into the aircraft systems ... as well as the familiarization
with the handling of comprehensive checklists makes this program an ideal
procedure trainer for at home...
Joachim Lehmann, 747-400, Lufthansa
...I am a retired 747 captain of Lufthansa ...
To keep nice memories I bought the PS1...
Captain Dieter Busse, 747-400 (ret.), Lufthansa
...it provides an entirely new simulation quality in the PC area ...
EFIS, FMC, AFDS, fuel, electrical, hydraulics and pneumatic systems
are simulated down to the last detail ... PS1 is no toy, but a serious training device...
Captain J?rg-Peter Berendsen, 747-400 / A320, Lufthansa






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感觉做的是非常的不错 ,高质量的Pc平台744模拟器     加油了   謝謝'
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